Monday, October 27, 2008

Once upon a time....

in a land far, far away (or in Chatsworth), there lived a home in which poker was played. And within that home, lived a man that would blog about such events. And the people were happy.

But time went by, and motivation was lacking. Games, well, they were infrequent. And the people, well..........not so much happy.

But the games resumed. And people were happy.

Last Friday made two consecutive weeks in a row (hence the consecutive) that we played poker here at pablosplace. The first of week saw newcomer Dave take down a decent pot with Robert finishing second, in a long hard fought heads up battle. Amber was busted in 3rd place after playing with the boys for quite some time, and trying desperately to remove herself from the game from sheer exhaustion. But alas, the power of ATC ("any two cards"). In the end, it was a great showdown and Dave came out on top.

This past Friday saw more regulars return as we went 5 handed again. And with similar results, Tim's return spelled victory for Tim.

This coming Friday will be a no-go as we'll be out trick-or-treating with the little ones, enjoying the sugar rush for sure. Until the next time, cheers from Casaba.

And make sure to find our group on and Both have been added, and will be taking over the universe. Maybe....