Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Friday Night Magic

Talked with Andrew, Tim, and Jordan, who are all in for Friday night.

Looks like we'll be playing at the Normandie Casino in Gardena. From the valley, head south on 110, exit Rosecrans and turn right. It's about a block or so on the right hand side.

Buy in is $15 plus $10 to the house (total of $25 for math wizards). You start with 800 tournament chips. Multiple re-buys for $10 until the break.

Also, you can join at the mid-point for $75, with 3000 tournament chips, but no re-buys.

$3000 guarantee to the winner.

Tournament starts at 7Pm, but they say it doesn't really get going until 7:15. Late comers are welcome, but not too late.

Feel free to e-mail if you need more info.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Randy's Game

I got a response, and Randy's game is not a tournament.

They play a cash game that begins around 7:30. First buy is between $60-100. They play till around 2am or so. Ages are between 21-65. Seems like it'd be ok. I don't know the location yet, but Randy will send me an e-mail on Thrusday with more info.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

This Coming Friday

For Andrew's Birthday, we're playing cards somewhere. I'm trying to figure out the best spot to go. For tournament style action, here's what I've found for Friday's:

The Bicycle in Bell Gardens runs a daily tournament for $40 (30+10) with no rebuys, but it starts at noon.

Commerce runs their Daily tournament for $120 (100+20) with multiple re-buys, and it also starts at noon.

Crystal Casino in Compton runs a Friday tournament with a $30 buy in (20+10), and it starts at 7PM. Multiple re-buys however.

Normandie runs their daily tournament starting at 7PM. $25 buy in with 10$ re-buys.

Hawaiian Gardens Casino runs two tournaments on Friday, but they start at 4pm and 4:30 pm. The earlier one has a $155 buy in with no rebuys. The later one is a $65 buy in with a one time optional $50 re-buy.

Hollywood Park runs two daily tournaments on Friday. An 11:30 AM poker and ponies NL Holdem with a $30 buy-in. I think that this has multiple re-buys. They also run a Friday night tournament starting at 7:30 PM, but the buy in is steep at $330.

I also came across a site ( that listed a home game in Sherman Oaks called Randy's Game. It says "Friday nights 8:30pm. $20 NL hold em game." I e-mailed the contact info listed, but haven't heard back yet. I'll let you know when I do if that's an option.

Anyhow, that's really all I found in the area. What do you think?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

2 games

The theme lately has been 2 rounds. The new theme this week, was that I was winning.

Round 1 had 4 players. We played 4 handed for quite some time, and then after Tim exited, we played 3 handed for a long while longer. When Andrew showed for round two, we were still going at it. Traci nursed a short stack, and finally went out. The heads up between Jordan and I lasted for a long time as well. I had a large chip advantage, and eventually wore him down and then out.

In round 2, Tim was again the first to exit, followed by Traci. Jordan went out in third, and Andrew and I played heads up until around 12:15 or so. We began the heads up match with me holding around a 4 to 1 advantage. Andrew sunk low to start, rebounded to about 140 chips or so, and then went down again. The final hand was an all-in by Drew, and I called with A-Q. Andrew turned over Qc-Jc's. The turn dropped a second club on the board, but the river missed us both and I took down round two as well.

For next week, we'll be playing at a casino. I don't know which yet. Andrew had thrown out Hollywood Park as a suggestion. I'd like to play in a tournament if at all possible. But for Andrew's birthday, we're celebrating seven deuce style.

Cheers, P

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gamblers Anonymous is for quitters.

We had 6 players for both rounds (Andrew joined us for round 2 as Jordan departed). Jordan won a couple of large hands early in round 1 and took a commanding chip lead. The ladies went out first early, leaving Tim, Jordan, and I 3 handed. Tim was next to go, and Jordan and I were heads up for a while. I probably got back to around 120 chips at one point, but never really threatened Jordan at all, and he took round 1 easily.

For round two, Tim lost a large pot to me early. I raised from UTG, and got a call from everyone. When the board produce 2-4-8 rainbow, I made a large bet of about the pot. Tay let go of pocket J's, and only Tim made the call. The turn came with another 8, and I pushed all in. Tim quickly called. He flipped 8-9, and turned over A-8. The river was a 7 and I took a big lead.

Andrew then got me on a couple of hands and took control from there. I made easily the dumbest move of the night moving all in on a board of 9-7-K-A-9. Andrew made a great read and called my bluff (J-5) with a K. That got rid of me early.

Heads up, Katy and Andrew went for a while. There were several swings in the chip lead. Finally it ended when Andrew pushed all in as he made a flush on the river with 5-4s, and Katy called when she was behind.

I'd really like to play in one of the casino tournaments again soon. I've been playing lousy, but I still want to play. It can only increase my game, right. Or just make me more broke than I am. I was playing on-line and one of the players had made mention that they have programs for that and I love the comeback quote from another player.

"GA is for quitters."

I think that should be our new motto.

Anyhow, we should be ok for next week. Thanks to everyone who attended. Cheers, P

Friday, January 18, 2008

Tonight's Game

I talked to Tim this morning and he's in with a guest. That means that we're on for anyone that can make it. So far, its only 4 players confirmed. Probably around 8:30 or so. See you then. P

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy New Year

Its funny, because as I write this, I'm sitting at my home computer, waiting for a Hubble No-Limit Freeroll Tournament on Pokerstars to begin. My day is comprised of waiting for a new hybrid vehicle, a new I-Phone, and a conference call to commence in about an hour and a half. Since Christmas, I've been engaged, and found new employment. Easily, these are the two biggest stories of my new year. Poker has really taken a back seat. I have played a little better of late too though.

Tim, this one goes out to you. Thanks for staying on top of me to update pablosplace more frequently than I have. I've really lacked the motivation with all of the other stuff happening in life, and perhaps I should make a new years resolution (albeit, two weeks tardy) to update pablosplace with more regularity. Perhaps then I can remove my status from from relative unknown, to quasi-hobo blogger. One can only hope.

We had poker here on New Years Eve. It was a lot of fun ringing in the new year with Jordan, Tim, Brian, and Tay and my fiancee. I don't remember who won. I remember playing horse for a while, and then promptly busting while playing omaha high/lo (my arch rival). But it was definitely a good time.

We played two rounds last Friday. Round 1 was a marathon that lasted past 11:30. Tim and I ended up heads up, and Andrew threw out the suggestion of increasing blinds to 15-30. Since we had 7 players, it was a tough stretch from 5-10. Tim took the first monster hand and I was crippled. But, two double ups gave me momentum, and I was catching cards from there to take it. It ended with me catching pocket J's, and flopping a set. Tim moved all in after we checked to the turn and I had him.

In round two, a couple of re-buys later, Tim and I were heads up again at around 2Am. He again took the first big pot, and I didn't recover. The last hand rivered the fourth spade on the board, and I moved with a 7s. Tim called (quickly) with the 10s, and it was done.

Next friday seems to be a definite maybe. I keep getting that everyone else has conflicting stuff going on. So it'll depend on you guys. I'll be here, and am happy running a game. Maybe it'll be another Hubble tourney. Anyhow, I'm folding my 9-4os, and heading back to paying attention to the other tournament. Adieu.